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To see any available jobs at IVA click on this link to EdJoin and review the job descriptions. We process applications for all of our positions through EdJoin. Only applicants who complete the application process will be contacted. IVA's hiring season is ongoing as needed. If there are no current jobs posted below please check back again in the spring.  Thank you for applying!  Note: All credential requirements are in line with IVA’s Charter. 

  • See IVA's Board Adopted Salary Schedule for teachers, counselor, and program administrator: IVA_Salary_Schedule_Adopted_52319.pdf
  • **We recommend any interested applicant take a tour of the school to learn more about our program!
IVA's teaching staff is filled at this time though we regularly hire substitute teachers. 

and apply directly on EdJoin. Learn more about our inquiry-based, deep thinking Social Science curriculum on IVA's Curriculum page. 

BEGINNING IN THE 2021-2022 SCHOOL YEAR. See the full job description of this new position and apply directly on EdJoin

The Intellectual Virtues Academy Director of Counseling and Culture is responsible for supporting the social-emotional wellbeing for all students at IVA. This includes, but is not limited to, supporting students’ social emotional needs, addressing behavior and discipline, specialized program interventions, community resource liaison, transition to high school, and student schedules. This role requires one to thoughtfully implement IVA’s unique intellectual character-based educational model in their interactions with students. They promote the school’s distinctive mission and vision both within and outside the immediate school community and demonstrate initiative in supervising students, helping implement a behavior support model in line with IVA’s mission and vision with concern for students’ well-being and development, and motivation toward developing a culture of ongoing learning and growth.

As a small school of 234 students in grade 6-8 and 25 faculty, IVA's close knit leadership team of three school leaders creates culture together. The leadership team is led by the Principal and including a Director of Programs and Director of Counseling and Culture. The Counselor functions as a valuable thought partner working closely with the Principal to implement the school’s mission and vision and supported in data collecting and intervention tracking by an Intervention Coordinator. The position of Counselor demands an implementation of IVA’s values related to the functions described below and provides an opportunity for a competent person to be a part of something transformational and rewarding with an impact on the lives of our educators, students, and the IVA community.

PART TIME SUBSTITUTE TEACHER - any subject: IVA processes applications for to hire passionate substitute teachers on an ongoing basis. To learn more about our school, sign up for one of our weekly tours! IVA Substitute Teacher CBEST and 30 Day Emergency teaching credential required. Apply on EdJoin here


PART TIME DISTANCE LEARNING TUTOR- any/all subjects: The tutor will provide support to students during asynchronous learning times and or after school. Support may be provided in individual, small group or large group settings. Apply on EdJoin hereTo learn more about IVA, see our website or attend our January Info Night
Job details and requirements:  Part_Time_Distance_Learning_Tutor___Job_Description.pdf

PART TIME INSTRUCTIONAL AIDEany/all subjects: The instructional aide will provide support to students in identified courses. Support may be provided in individual, small group or large group settings, as determined by the lead teacher. Demonstrates initiative in supervising students, concern for students’ well-being and development, and motivation toward developing a culture of learning and growth. Apply on EdJoin here. To learn more about IVA, see our website or attend our January Info Night

 Learn about Teaching at IVA

 Interested applicants can learn more about our educational model by reading IVA's charter and Ron Ritchhart's Intellectual Character: What It Is, Why It Matters and How To Get It.
Below is an excerpt from our job description, focusing specifically on teaching with an intellectual virtues model. Prospective teachers might find this description interesting as they learn more about how teaching at IVA will encourage genuine professional growth and development. Working at IVA is  an opportunity to teach rigorous content in a school-wide culture of thinking with a collaborative staff. 

 Responsibilities and Duties of Teachers Related to an Intellectual Virtues Model of Education

  • Develop a firm understanding of IVA’s nine “master virtues.”
  • Develop a firm understanding of the core principles and practices required of an intellectual virtues educational model.
  • Systematically implement the core principles and practices of an intellectual virtues framework, including creation of a classroom culture, and the daily employment of pedagogical strategies, that are conducive to growth in intellectual virtues.
  • Participate in ongoing professional development aimed at better understanding and practicing an intellectual virtues approach to education.
  • Engage in ongoing self-reflection and self-assessment aimed at his/her own growth in intellectual virtues.
  • Model IVA’s nine “master virtues” in all interactions with students and other IVA stakeholders.
  • Continue to nurture his/her own passion for and knowledge of content area.