IVA is the 1,504th charter school in the State of California and the first to be founded on the innovative educational model of intellectual character virtues. 
Charter schools are free, public independent schools authorized by their Local Educational Agency or County. Charter petitions go through regular renewal processes. 
IVA's Charter is authorized by the Long Beach Unified School District. The original petition was adopted by LBUSD in 2012. IVA received a 5 year renewal in 2016 which extends through June 2022. We love our charter petition as it describes the educational model along financial and compliance elements. We encourage you to read our charter and let us know if you have any questions. 
As an independent public charter school and IVA is also an LEA in itself or Local Educational Agency. As an LEA, IVA creates plans and goals related to budget expenditures reported through the LCAP or Local Control Accountability Plan. In order to create the plan annually, IVA engages with parents, educators, employees, students and the community. Parents are engaged both informally through Parent Academy and other direct contact meetings and formally through the School Site Council and annual parent surveys. IVA's LCAP takes into account results and feedback annually as the school creates plans to address implementing the mission and vision toward both academic and social-emotional support. Please see the LCAP page for specifics.
IVA annually updates school data through the SARC or School Accountability Report Card.