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Public Participation

The public are encouraged to participate in IVA Board Meetings. Submit a public testimony request by delivering it to the school or submitting this form

Available for Public Review

Agenda and minutes of previous meetings are available on our website. Please select either the agenda tab or the minutes tab to review the documents.

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With some exceptions, IVA's Board of Directors meets the 1st Wednesday of each month beginning at 7pm. Click below for a full schedule:

IVALB Schedule of Board Meetings 2023-2024

To review an agenda prior to the meeting, click the "View Documents" link above. Upcoming agenda's are also posted on IVA's front door. Thank you for your interest!

Placing an Item on the Agenda

You may place matters directly related to school district business on the agenda by filling a request form available online (above) or from the school office, or emailing the chairman of the Board of Directors, Howie Fitzgerald. The Board Chair or designee will determine whether the matter is directly related to school district business. Written requests must be received at least 10 working days prior to the meeting date. Please include all supporting material. The chairman or designee will determine whether the matter is directly related to school district business.

Addressing the Board Regarding Agenda Items

You may address the Board on agenda items, before action is taken, by filing a written request and handing it to the Chairman of the Board (forms are available near the front door entrance prior to the meeting); or seeking permission of the chair – if the need to speak could not be foreseen. Persons will be allowed to speak in the order in which the requests are received.

Addressing the Board Regarding Items Not on the Agenda

If you request to speak about a matter of school district business not on the agenda, you will be invited to make your remarks during the “Public Testimony on Items Not Listed on Agenda” portion of the agenda. Limited discussion may take place on the part of the Board on an item which has not received public notice by being listed on the agenda. However, after receiving public testimony, the Board Chair or any member of the Board may recommend placing such item(s) on the agenda of a future meeting or refer the item(s) to staff for a report.

When You Are Recognized to Speak

Please state your name and address for the record, and direct your remarks to the chair. Remarks by persons addressing the Board of Education shall be limited to five (5) minutes per person for agenda items (30 minutes total) and three (3) minutes for non-agenda items (30 minutes total), unless the Board agrees to extend the time. No person shall orally present or discuss, at any meeting of the Board, charges or complaints against an individual employee. Remarks by any person addressing the Board which reflect adversely upon the political, religious, racial or economic views, character, or motives of any person are out of order.

Important Board Policies

At IVA we value respect, room for disagreement, consideration of multiple perspectives, transparency and due-diligence. We reflect our mission to foster meaningful growth in the nine master virtues by incorporating these virtues into the decision making process and our board policies. The board follows the Carver model of board-governance whereby the board establishes the ends and the staff determines the means to carry out these ends. The board stays out of the day-to-day operations and focuses on governance work at the scheduled meetings.

   IVA DecisionMaking Policy

   IVA Conflict of Interest Policy

   IVA Board Bylaws

Education Protection Account Funds

IVA receives Education Protection Account funds on a yearly basis, to be used towards teacher salaries. The attached PDF IVA's most recent EPA board resolution and plan for spending.

   Education Protection Account EPA 2023-2024