What parents are saying ...




Comment from families learning more about IVA:

  • A quick and heartfelt thanks from the three of us for a wonderful tour of IVA today. My kids and I were completely blown away by what you have talked about and shown us in the classrooms. The school's philosophy of education resonates with me greatly, and it was so heartwarming to hear you put in words the qualities we all want for our children to develop as lifelong learners.

    I was becoming familiar with IVA by visiting your amazingly informative website, but the whole school became "alive" in the minds of my children. They had actually arrived somewhat skeptical this morning, but by the end of the tour, they were impressed and left with a desire to enroll immediately. We understand the enrollment process will require some luck and patience, but our disposition is positive and optimistic. Thank you for your warm welcome, and for creating a culture of inquiry, openness and acceptance within the whole school.

Comment from families making a decision to come to IVA mid-year:

  • "Our daughter transferred into IVA in November. She was immediately welcomed by students and faculty who made her transition really smooth."
  • "Last December, six months after my twins began middle school, we received a call from IVA to say that they had a space for my son. We had been on the wait-list for such a long time, had given up, but were told that there was an available spot unexpectedly. As a family of twins, we entered the lottery as a family unit and so both siblings were allowed to enter. My son was excited but not my daughter. With 24 hours to decide, we discussed it together and decided to make the move. And even with my daughter's hesitations, we have never looked back... IVA has proved to be a way better fit for both of my children. They have both adjusted and thrived in the new environment." 

Comments from our Annual Parent Survey:

  • “Teachers communicate their excitement over learning through their enthusiasm and engagement. Students are encouraged and supported. The overall environment is uplifting.”

  • “Teachers and staff are so caring, helpful and have the best interest of the kids at heart at all times. IVA is such a wonderful environment for the kids. Through hearing the kids talk after school they all love IVA and enjoy all the teachers … I truly appreciate the dedication and spirit of all the teachers and staff. Mrs. Bryant is such a leader and her dedication shows through the love the students have for her and the school. I'm around a lot of the students at IVA and I have never heard one student say that they do not like IVA, they all say they love school and all of their teachers and all the staff.

  • “Teachers are thorough in explaining concepts and make sure all students understand. I like the atmosphere of genuine kindness the school demonstrates by example. Also the virtues instilled in students are a strong foundation for the future."
  • “My child is developing a good understanding of a growth mindset. At the beginning of the year she would cry about not being good at math and now she has a much healthier view of the issue and is more focused on what she needs to do to get better rather than the ‘just being bad at it’ part. The focus on learning, thinking and sharing in all the classes and in advisory has been excellent.”

  • “I love that the school makes me feel welcome as a parent to talk to them. So many times a teacher or principal at a middle school does not welcome you for conversation about your child's education. I love that the teachers are so knowledgeable about the intellectual virtues. [Our child] has always been a fabulous student, but I had no idea how she could excel in every subject until she had wonderful teachers at IVA.”

  • “The teachers are available and caring. They seem to know the students … The afterschool clubs are a great way to introduce the students to a variety of subjects and skills. The class size is a plus and I feel like the students definitely will benefit from getting more teacher attention and interaction. The events put on for incoming students are great because it gives students a chance to feel comfortable and meet students ahead of time.”

Email Communication During the School Year: 

  • "I had to just stop for a minute to let you know that IVA has blown my expectations for my daughter out of the water. Her life has changed drastically and I have to pinch myself that this is my kid. The kid that comes home loving and talking about math, the kid that was so touched by the Holocaust she did her own research, the kid that came home so stoked to do her Science project, she hyper-focused on it for two days straight to finish it a month early. The kid that feels loved and nurtured and understood. These to me are so priceless. She loves the students, all of her teachers and all of her classes. I hope you understand that your school has greatly enhanced the quality of life of my daughter and because of that, our entire family. I can't express the amount of gratitude I have."
  • "Thank you for a very valuable and exhilarating experience during Back-to-School Night. We were thrilled to be exposed to such an academic environment. (It brought us back to our college days.) All of our son’s teachers were professional, articulate and revealed deep knowledge about their disciplines. They were also funny. The activities they provided gave us a taste of what our son’s day must be like. Freedom to explore, to connect and to enjoy learning are rarely seen in middle schools nowadays, but we observed and participated in all of these and more.

    We understand that our son will need to form new habits so that he becomes more confident in approaching adults for assistance. We are grateful that the school’s schedule allows for many opportunities to interact with teachers – we love office hours! We are confident that his fixed mindset will be replaced by a growth mindset in such a safe and caring surrounding. Each time we pick up our son from school and ask about his day, his response has been very positive. We get a lump in our throats when we think about how much more IVA will support his growth and it is only the first month of school! Thank you all for your warmth, kindness and care. Our middle schooler appreciates every minute."

  • "Our son took himself to bed early last night just so Tuesday morning and school would come faster. Normally he's the kid that fights with you every night about bedtime, even thought it's the same time every night, and he is asleep 5 minutes after he hits the pillow, but he still puts up a fight. So to want to go to bed just so school would get here faster.... I was speechless, and that doesn't happen often!!!! Last year was a very very hard year. So many things were wrong about it. The worst was seeing this light in our son that he carries around with him, go out. It was so hard to watch, and have no way to fix it. We have already seen the light in him return and we couldn't be more grateful!"