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Athletics at IVA
After-school athletics are an extension of IVA. Our goals are to keep the athletics program consistent with the mission and vision of IVA as a whole, fostering student growth and equipping students to learn and live well.  We believe that athletics provide a unique opportunity for students to grow in their understanding and application of intellectual virtues. Curiosity leads students to begin to have interest and wonder of the different sports we have to offer. When involved in team sports, intellectual autonomy is practiced when making decisions about game-play and when to apply strategy. Attentiveness guides actions and focus whether on a course, court, or field. Read our Athletics Handbook (below) for more information about IVA's athletics policies and procedures.
Athletics Packets 
See LBUSD's Website for more: LBUSD Sports Program 

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Volunteer Coaches

The IVA Foxes Athletic Program is successful because we have dedicated and knowledgeable volunteer coaches. We are always looking for interested individuals who have coaching and playing experience in each specific sport to help head up our sports teams.

Responsibilities and Requirements

Coaches are responsible for running after school practices and being present at competitions. Coaches decide on their team’s practice schedule and in the event of running an intramural season, they will also decide on the team’s game schedule. During competition, coaches make the decision on athlete position and playing time. If needed, coaches may hold a pre-season informational meeting with parents/guardians of interested athletes.

Coaches will report to the Athletic Director for the operation of their specific sport.

Coaches act as a representative of IVA as they carry out their responsibilities. They uphold the IVA mission and vision as they lead practices and competitions. Coaches will be responsible for the conduct and supervision of athletes and spectators at practices and competitions.