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Alumni Feedback - Founding Class of 2016 Alumni Survey Results





 Hannah Wells at IVA's 2016 Gala

 Comments from an Annual Student Survey:

“IVA does a wonderful job of pushing students to move past their struggle.” 

“I think IVA lets students interact really well. I like that classroom instruction isn't just teachers talking, but mostly interactive and fun. I like how there's a really good environment and I feel safe here.”

“I think IVA creates a great environment for learning and being able to admit mistakes and learn to learn without pressure and fear of getting questions wrong.”

“The staff treats the students how they treat each other.”

“I think that IVA does a good job of helping us dig deeper and understand why.”

“I think that IVA does very well in helping student express themselves even when they might feel embarrassed. IVA makes it so that making a mistake in class will NOT make a student less popular or make them feel stupid because they say that mistakes can be helpful.”

“We have a safe place here and I'm excited to go to school everyday.”

“IVA, I believe from my experience does well at making everyone comfortable and have confidence when admitting when you need help or when you don't understand. They also build up your confidence. Before I came to IVA I would never raise my hand because I was scared but now I don't care.”

“I can have a good relationship with the teachers unlike my elementary school, where I was pretty much afraid of all my teachers.”

“I think that IVA pushes the students and keeps hope in them very well.”

“IVA helps us be ourselves.”

“I think IVA teaches students to understand why they're learning what they're learning.”

"The way I have thought this year is flabbergasting!!! I have never been so curious in why Bilbo Baggins doesn't tell Thorin about a stone or if Greeks are true democrats and I never ever thought that i could run a negative split which I just did an hour ago. This school is incredibly challenging, curiosity enthused, so open to new ideas, and the great part is we don't have to be embarrassed to ask questions or wear something crazy or want to do something that no one has ever thought … The school doesn't shut us down or laugh they encourage us to be ourselves.”

“I think that IVA is great at providing students with learning opportunities and having the kids learn with a deeper understanding rather than shoving facts down kids' throats and forcing them to regurgitate it onto a test paper.”

"Students are able to be some kind of their own 'teacher' in the class, meaning new ideas can be formed and lessons taught by kids as well as adults. Sometimes I see IVA as a giant Socratic Seminar where everyone can pitch in their voice so agreements and disagreements can be formed."