IVA Support Staff

Mx. Vee Dries

b_350_438_16777215_00_images_bioimages_victoriadries.jpgLead Tutoring Teacher & Instructional Aide

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Mx. Vee was born and raised in Sacramento, and lived there until 2016, when they moved to Long Beach to attend CSULB. Mx. Vee completed a Bachelor's in English Education, and was recently accepted into the Single Subject Teaching Credential Program in English Education at CSULB. In addition, they hold their substitute credentials, and sub at IVA often.

Mx. Vee gained experience working with students while holding a position as an office assistant and tutor at Folsom Lake Community College. They were also a tutor at CSULB for a pilot program for college students. While in college, one of the poems that they wrote, along with a digital art illustration, were published in a literary magazine. They were also selected for CHESS (California Higher Education Student Summit), a summit to equip individuals to lobby in Sacramento for changes to the Cal State Program's tuition regulations and requirements. 

“I appreciate that IVA invites students to think about perspectives that challenge their own. I appreciate other perspectives and enjoy cultivating that same open-mindedness with students. I attended a charter school, and appreciate an alternative to the traditional school system. My initial and continual desire to pursue education is to relate to the students that find school challenging and may struggle, because of my educational experience being similar."

Linda Ekblad

b_350_438_16777215_00_images_bioimages_lindaekblad.jpgNutritional Services & Office Support

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Linda was born and raised in the South of England where she completed her Studies with a background in Event Planning and Hotel Sales.  Prior to gaining experience in the hospitality industry, Linda enjoyed backpacking for eighteen months around the South Pacific, where she enjoyed the flavors and cultures.  

Linda has a passion for growing organic vegetables for her family, to enjoy the benefits of good nutrition.        She believes that we should all live and eat well.

"I was drawn to IVA due to my friendship with Danielle Montiel and a passion for working with children. I value each student’s individuality and appreciate and embrace those who struggle to learn. My hope is that I can share my ideas and curiosity to explore the world."

Nathan Perez-Yi

b_350_438_16777215_00_images_bioimages_nathanperez.jpgInstructional Aide

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Nathan completed an International Studies degree at LBSU in 2018. Prior to completing his degree, he experienced a year long study abroad program in Spain where he enjoyed the food, culture, and hanging out in the city neighborhoods. Nathan has recently been accepted as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Guatemala and will be departing in September 2019. 

"I was drawn to IVA by the staff's culture of inclusivity and their alternative approach to teaching in an environment that promotes a space of learning and curiosity. IVA's mission has taught me more about the middle school mind and has inspired me to pursue Peace Corps' Youth in Development program."