Parent Academies

Research has shown that the attitudes, behavior and achievement of children are enhanced when parents or other caregivers are involved in their children’s education. To that end, IVA has adopted this parent involvement policy in order to promote learning and provide a more positive learning experience for the students of its schools. This policy is incorporated into the the school plan developed pursuant to NCLB, and submitted to the California Department of Education with the LEA’s Consolidated Application.

Parent and Guardian Feedback
Although Parent Academies are structured for parents to receive input, the collaborative nature of these meetings generates feedback that the Principal and leadership team integrates into various aspects of the school, from structure of parent conferences to newsletter content to Office Hour and discipline practices. IVA seeks regular and ongoing feedback from parents through these means in addition to an annual family survey. Families can also participate in the school through the PTA or IVA's Stakeholder Engagement Committee

Parent and Guardian Support of Students
Parent involvement and support plays a critical role at IVA due to the unique educational model of the school. All parents are given information about intellectual virtues, their importance to learning, and how they can play a role in their child’s intellectual character development. Parent Academies are held to assist parents in supporting their student’s experience at IVA and the school will regularly communicate with parents about their student's progress and about school activities through report cards, regular grades, a weekly newsletter and email communication. Learn more about how to "apprentice" your child at IVA in the Parent Resources section of our Curriculum and Instruction page

Modeling Lifelong Learning - Parent Academies
At IVA it is not only the student that gets to take time to think, process, and explore ideas together. IVA offers numerous Parent Academy evenings, in conjunction with our PTA, in order to support growth in and understanding of the practice of intellectual character virtues for our parents and guardians. Based on parent feedback, IVA schedules multiple Parent Academies in the first month of school to help acclimate families with technical questions and big questions about how thinking and learning works at IVA.

In addition, IVA provides Parent Academy nights annually include a focus on:

  1. educational theory and practice;
  2. our Advisory program and helping students towards intellectual exploration;
  3. developmental psychology of our middle school kids and;
  4. mindful parenting.

Our speakers are selected together by the IVA Administration and the PTA and are inspiring and educational nights that shouldn't be missed. 

Check out a partial record of our previous nights below: 


Understanding Intellectual Virtues & How to Use Them with Our Children :: November 12, 2020


Navigating Middle School Struggle Together :: October 15, 2020



POW (Problem of the Weeks) How Can Parents Help? - PART 1
IVA Parent Academy - Presented by Math Teachers Ms. Cari Noble, Ms. Deborah Chen, and Principal Bryant, September 15, 2016

POW (Problem of the Weeks) How Can Parents Help? - PART 2
IVA Parent Academy - Presented by Math Teachers Ms. Cari Noble, Ms. Deborah Chen, and Principal Bryant, September 15, 2016

Working Together to Develop Powerful Thinkers and Learners
Presented by Ron Ritchhart, March 12, 2015

 The Challenges and Strengths of an Intellectual Virtues Educational Model
IVA Parent Academy - Presented by Dr. Steve Porter, January 22, 2015


Raising Real Kids in a Digital World

IVA PTSA General Meeting - Presented by Certified Simplicity Parenting Coach, Mary van Geffen, November 9, 2017


Middle School Support

IVA Parent Academy - Presented by Principal Bryant, September 14, 2017 




Google Classroom & Illuminate
IVA Parent Academy - Presented by Principal Bryant, September 7, 2017



Math & Science Extended Problem Support
IVA Parent Academy - Presented by Ms. Noble, Ms. Chen, Ms. Gordon, Mr. Burns, and Principal Bryant, September 21, 2017