Wayne Broadway


Recreational Aide

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Wayne is from Sacramento, and comes to IVA with experience as an English tutor, and a high school experience attending a charter school. Wayne completed his BA in English with a focus on Secondary Education, at CSULB. Wayne completed his AA in English Communication and Literature, and an AA-T in English, from American River College. Wayne has a passion for Theater Arts and Creative Writing, and took breadth and perspective courses in both while at CSULB.

"Having spent a semester at a charter school in my high school days, I understand the huge impact a small learning community can have on the individual. I appreciate that IVA seeks to cultivate a true pedagogy rather than the simple, "get them in, get them out" mentality I have seen fostered more often than not at larger public schools. I think every student has a right to learn, and every teacher has a right to teach. Here at IVA, I believe these rights are upheld."