Spring 2021 Reopening Communication





Slides for IVA's Hybrid Model Spring 2021

More than 70% of IVA families selected to return in person. In order to maintain distancing, IVA can bring in students at half capacity. This means that students selecting in-person instruction this Spring will be assigned 2 days that they get to attend in person. The other days, students will be logging into their classes through zoom. This schedule allows for the least disruption to classes, which will continue in a hybrid in-person & online model through the remainder of the school year. 

Monday's schedule remains the same. Group assignments are released the week of April 12-16.

Group A will be assigned to attend classes Tuesday/Wednesday
Group B assigned Thursday/Friday

IVA hybrid bell schedule begins for all students the week of April 19. In-person instruction begins April 27th.


Video for IVA's Hybrid Model - March 24, 2021





Here are the slides with the Q&A from the Fireside Chat on March 9th:














Please read this newsletter for more information. On Friday, August 7th IVA will send more information. 


Fall 2020 Reopening. Whatever happens, IVA will have a plan prepared.
Intellectual Virtues Academy is committed to an IVA Education within the priorities of student health. No matter the circumstances during fall reopening, IVA students will have six dedicated teachers whose priority is their intellectual character development - student relationship to their learning, their teachers, their peers, and their self-knowledge will be maintained regardless of the circumstances. 

Watch the videos linked below that explain IVA's best working model and the other models considered for reopening. 
Complete the family survey by Friday, July 24th to help us to direct further plans and communication. 

Part One - IVA's Best Working Model for Reopening

Part Two - Learning Models Considered

To learn more about IVA's best working model watch this video also starting at 7 minutes and 50 seconds. 






IVA School Closure: Began March 16, 2020. School will remain in distance learning through the end of the year. To help families know what home learning opportunities we are inviting students into, IVA has created the following resources that families can reference, download, and even print to put on your fridge. IVA will continue to update families weekly through video messages, parents newsletter, text messages, and IVA's Students Announcements Google Classroom. See some of the first communications on this page. Please see IVA's YouTube Channel and Weekly Parent Newsletters for more up to date communication.  To learn more, check out our weekly Monday morning special school closure newsletters also posted on our  and our regular video updates. 

TECH SUPPORT - for any immediate Zoom connection questions please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Having difficulty signing into zoom meetings?
Please read these directions and contact Mr. Patrick for direct support: 

Download IVA's Distance Learning Overview: Distance_Learning_Overview_Updated_42420.pdf




Fireside Chat :: MON, MAY 18 - Using Google Classroom's To Do List to Get Organized

    Extra 1 Minute Resources: Cleaning Out Your To Do ListMake a Plan Using Google's To Do List

Fireside Chat :: MON, May 11 - Clarity on Distance Learning & Pass/No Pass


Phone Call, Email, & Video to Families on Friday, April 9, 2020

Phone Call, Email, & Video to Families on Friday, March 20, 2020

 Phone Call & Email to Families on Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Hello IVA Families, 

We hope you are all well today. We are sending out our daily update to let you know that IVA, and probably the rest of California schools and districts, are eagerly awaiting further guidance from the California Department of Education on the direction of online learning during school closure. 

We hope our message to you today mostly acknowledges that you, just like your kids must have so many questions - and while we don't have the answers for school yet, hopefully soon, we do want to empathize with you. Today our IVA teachers met together online and discussed what online learning could look like for our students next week. One great note is that because of our widespread use of google classroom, our teachers and students are all in a really great place to access their education. Our teacher conversation today was productive, hopeful, and complex as we acknowledged even for ourselves that we are trying to create and adjust, and imagine while taking care of kids at home at the same time, just as you are. We are all going to navigate this together!

Actually, our students' questions are heartwarming - how wonderful to have students requesting assignments. They are asking - when can we get new assignments for class? Is there anything I can work on right now? And the answer to that last question is, "Well, sure!"

Although this is a break for students, it's also a chance to make up work. You and your family can decide together what is best for students to do with their time this week. Some teachers are also posting enrichment activities in students' google classrooms as options. IVA will not be giving new assignments to students until next week so that we can create meaningful and robust learning and make sure all students have access to wifi and devices.

To that end, we have a request for you! Complete the Google Form
We are asking asking ALL of our families to complete this google form - once for each household. Our office heroes will follow up to make sure each IVA family is able completes the form so that we know for sure each student has the technology they need to begin online learning as early as Monday. Thank you for taking this step. 

Chromebook Checkouts Begin Tomorrow - for those who've completed the form. 
In the office, we are preparing chromebooks and chargers to be checked out to our students beginning tomorrow. For those of you that would like to check out a chromebook, please select the windows of time you and your child can come in to pick up and sign the chromebook contract.

  • Wednesday, March 18 10am-Noon (same window as breakfast/lunch pick up)
  • Thursday, March 19 10am-1pm
  • Friday, March 20 10am-Noon

As we all follow guidelines for social distancing with maybe extra time on your hands, we offer you a form to fill out. 

Wishing you warmth and care today from myself, our teachers and staff.


Phone Call & Email to Families on Monday, March 16, 2020

Hello IVA Families,

I will be communicating with you all at the end of each day and providing any answers that are available. At this point, we do not have answers to your questions but we are working to collect your questions and student questions and make internal plans for online learning for our students that may begin next week.

This morning I sent a message to students on the IVA School Announcements that this is not a week to do school assignments. Specifically, I said to students - "It might be that this whole week you do not get assignments. Please wait to feel responsible until we give you further communication. If you are bored at home you are welcome to complete current assignments or work on current projects but we won't have specific guidance for you until some time on Wednesday or later this week. I have asked teachers to work on their grading and comments but not to assign additional work. So, if you want to do something for school you can but you are not being asked to nor are you required to. Deadlines will be postponed." We cannot provide more information or assignments to students until we have more direction from the California Department of Education or CDE.

And yet, in the meantime, we are grateful for our community.
We are so grateful for our office staff who were able to connect 37 families to text messages today and provided food for our students. We want our families to be in the know and while we are working on answers we need to wait for directions from the CDE. Please feel free to send us your questions and will collate them so we can respond once information becomes available.

IVA is providing food for our students.
Students school age up to 18 years old can come in person to IVA to pick up food pick between 10am and Noon. Bring a bag to carry your food and please call our office first so we can run to open the back gate for you. It was such a treat to see a few families today, we really do miss our students.

We will provide more information as it is available, in the meantime, please follow the guidance of the Health Department and wash your hands while practicing social isolation. We wish you continued care, from all of our at IVA.

Take Care,

Mrs. Bryant on behalf of the IVA Faculty and Staff

PS. Disclaimer -
If what is best for the health in your home is for you to assign your kiddo to online learning this week - please go ahead. Of course, your guidance tops out any middle school principal's guidance!! ;-)


Phone Call & Email to Families on Faculty Academy Friday, March 13, 2020
Dear IVA Families, After careful deliberation, and in step with our authorizer the Long Beach Unified School District, IVA has decided to close school beginning Monday, March 16. School will resume after our Spring Recess on Monday, April 20. The closure is an extra measure of protection to help prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, or COVID-19. IVA does not have any presumptive or confirmed cases of the new coronavirus, but we are taking this step to help protect public health. Just like LBUSD, IVA is exploring along with our local, regional and state partners what we can do to support our students and families during this difficult time.

IVA will be setting up ways to continue the learning process, and to provide meals for our students who rely on them. IVA will be providing more information in the days to come. We want to acknowledge that our families have questions and concerns, and we are gathering those questions in order to communicate responses, as we know them. These communications will be in email form to the whole IVA community. In addition to email, IVA is communicating through text messages. To make sure you receive these text messages, please “Opt In” by texting ‘Y’ to 67587.

Students who receive meals at IVA you have been sent a form to complete by email in order to pick up food beginning Monday. Please make sure to complete that form if you’d like food. We anticipate being able to share a plan for continued learning with you next week. That plan may look like a more formal online learning process with teachers through google classrooms or more likely it may be a list of books and activities that teachers recommend during school closure.

As students are away from school, we want to remind you that the CDE recommends families use caution when gathering in groups and follow hygiene guidelines. Check your email for updates.

Take care from the IVA Faculty and Staf