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Office Hours Practice Week
Monday, May 11, 2015

We are practicing an intervention during the school day schedule this week to evaluate whether we should pursue it next year. The schedule this week is different each day except Thursday, which will be a normal Orange Day schedule. 

Here is further explanation:
At IVA we encourage students to talk directly with teachers regarding any questions, concerns, need to review, etc. but this time is difficult to find during the school day. We want to create an adjustment in our schedule next year to address create this time. This next week we are going have a week trial of “Office Hours”. There will be a 4-minute passing period after the first block of the day. For any students Teachers will have 20 minutes built into the schedule where they are available to students. 

How will it work?
In order to give it a good try we are going structure the week and make sure each student takes advantage of the time offered. Students who do not go to “Office Hours” during the week will head out to the north part of the blacktop by the lunch tables to hang out. When Break begins then students will be able to use the full blacktop and equipment. 

 Monday -7th graders mandatory (brainstorming session on office hours use and then check Illuminate)
Tuesday - 6th graders mandatory (brainstorming session  on office hours use and then check Illuminate)
Wednesday - sign ups
Friday - sign ups