A Parent's View

I had my hair done today.  You’ll know it’s quite a ritual if you’ve ever seen my head of hair.  I always stop in at the Starbucks on Main and get a grande white mocha and a breakfast sandwich to prepare for the two hour hair-a-thon. It’s such a process my beautician can’t just “fit me in” so I schedule three months ahead of time.   Which leads me to the title of this post – as I looked at the calendar, I realized I had to squeeze my next appointment in before school gets out!

Then there was the random coincidence that my boys had their hair appointments on the same day after school.  My fifth-grader and I began talking about summer and swimming, which prompted me to count down the actual school days left until summer begins.  Not including spring break, there are only 61 school days until summer vacation begins. For some mamas, that might elicit some anxiety as they feel the need to make plans for those summer days.  For me, the countdown brings excitement along with a wince of sadness as my oldest finishes out his last trimester of elementary school.

We are so fortunate to have choices here in Southern California.  My encouragement to parents of fifth graders is to take advantage of this opportunity to consider a new option for middle school.  You have likely already applied for your first choice for middle school –and that’s encouraged!  You can still apply to Intellectual Virtues Academy and simply withdraw your name from the other middle school once your child’s enrollment is confirmed.  I would guess, that if you have read this far, you are a careful and thoughtful parent and you have good questions.  Please come to our information night where your questions can be heard.