A Parent's View

b_200_0_16777215_00_images_blogimages_a-sign.jpgSometimes we need a gentle nudge or a reassuring smile to step in a different direction. Sometimes, it takes more than that to muster the boldness to try something new. When a decision is more weight bearing, we want solid evidence that the foundation won’t give beneath us.

This week we held our second Intellectual Virtues Academy information night. I was really thrilled to see parents grasp the vision of how transformative the intellectual virtues model of education could be. I realize, in its inaugural year we are asking parents to imagine what this kind of education, oriented around fostering the personal traits of a good thinker and learner, will actually look like for their child.

At the same time, I feel a growing excitement about the parents and learning community that will be in on something big from year one. Together we will be shaping a middle school that will impact the students in the city of Long Beach for years to come. I genuinely don’t want anyone who has had interest in Intellectual Virtues Academy to miss out on this significant opportunity.

So… if you are waiting for a sign, or need a gentle nudge, or want to be reassured that your kid will be alright… then maybe this is it.