A Parent's View

b_200_0_16777215_00_images_blogimages_20130328-232332.jpgApril first. You may hear that date and start plotting a practical joke to play for April Fools. Dodger fans are watching the countdown until April 1 when opening day kicks off in the newly remodeled stadium. Students in Long Beach Unified are jumping for joy over the start of spring break. But me, I’m anticipating one more event on April first. It’s the inaugural date for registration at Intellectual Virtues Academy.

The excitement is really building as more and more people hear about this new charter middle school and want to be a part of it. Additionally, so many significant things are happening “behind the scenes”. Creative agency Akins Parker is working on a logo and identity for our school. We’re planning and preparing for our third information night on April 16th at 7:30 at Bayshore Community Church. And, we are preparing to post a job description for our teaching positions on EdJoin.org.

This all leaves me with a sense of awe that this middle school started very simply as a shared idea over a cup of coffee. Dr. Steve Porter heard an NPR radio feature on charter schools and called Dr. Jason Baehr to ask “have you ever thought about a charter school?” From that seed of an idea, it has grown to where we are today.

It’s happening!