A Parent's View

b_200_0_16777215_00_images_blogimages_JB-no-bkgd-cropped.jpgMy email read, “I might need you to fold paper airplanes.”  On March 1st, at IVA’s First Friday event, I was running behind when Jacquie arrived. I handed her a stack of neon paper and did a quick demonstration of the basic fold and she set to work.  After folding dozens of paper planes and forming them into a garland we strung it across the front window and prepared to welcome our guests.

As the evening unfolded I observed Jacquie handing out paper plane flyers, getting pulled into conversations and lingering with parents as she asked thoughtful questions about their student’s education and shared her passion for sparking a student’s curiosity and love for learning.

The next time I encountered Jacquie I relayed to her that my son noticed her lightning bolt earrings were sort of signature earrings for her and he thought they were pretty cool.  She smiled and said they were her power earrings.  Several weeks later, when she came for an interview with the IVA board, the pointed to her earrings and quietly said, “I wore these for Jack.”

Jacquie’s can-do attitude and approachable demeanor, her willing work ethic and connection to students and her infectious passion for learning are just a few reasons I can’t wait for you to meet Intellectual Virtues Academy’s newly appointed Founding Principal.

You are invited and welcome to attend our next information night and meet Jacquie Bryant on Tuesday, April 16th at Bayshore Community Congregational Church, 5100 The Toledo.  She may even be wearing her lightning bolt earrings….