A Parent's View

b_200_0_16777215_00_images_blogimages_important.jpgI have been struck with a serious case of Wanderlust.  After traveling to Bozeman, Montana for five days with a one-day stopover in Long Beach, followed by a week on the Kona Coast of Hawaii, I find I am dreaming about where I can travel to next (and yes, I totally recognize that the later part of that sentence is enviable – we owe it all to Papa!).  I have been reminded that there is an unparalleled excitement to experiencing new places, people, foods and history!

Which leads me to the reason why yesterday afternoon was so memorable!  Two other moms of fifth-graders initiated a brainstorm.  We collected our band of kiddos and invited them to think about activities they have enjoyed, games they like to play, foods they like to eat and field trips they would love to take.  The students came up with some great ideas!  It was so exciting to imagine that their own curiosities might be engaged in activities and field trips!

Can you imagine a school where the inaugural class is 50 and they have the autonomy to explore their curiosities?  A love of learning is spurred by awakening curiosity.  I am eager to see my kiddo develop his own quest for new places, people and occupations!