IVA Letters


6th Grader Luke formed the Mountain Foxes Club this year, organized their first climb, and has this to report:

The IVA Mountain Club achieved summit success!

We got 11 students and 6 parents to the top of Sunset Peak in the San Gabriel Mountains of Los Angeles.  Some new climbers used the virtue of open mindedness to try something new that was outside their comfort level. We used the virtues of tenacity,  and courage to get to the top. The was a cold wind early on, but everyone stayed warm. There was quite a bit of snow.
We could have used the virtue of attentiveness better as the group got separated on several occasions!  Next time we will use carefulness even more in our planning. But foxes are clever and used their brains and the virtue of tenacity to stick to the goal.  Everyone connected on the summit.
We will be sending out information and dates for climbs for the rest of the year. We plan to do one climb each month. The next will be at the end of February.