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Instructional Calendar and a Culture of Thinking:

The IVA Academic Calendar includes between 175-177 days of instruction, using curriculum and pacing that support a culture of thinking. As a charter school, IVA has flexibility so that we may use 5 Faculty Academy days where students do not attend. These days are opportunities for our faculty and staff to think, alone and together, about each student's work and progress toward goals within our mission and vision. As we take this time for thoughtful evaluation, we ensure that our students are offered the most rigorous, yet personalized, instruction. Faculty Academy Days days are often scheduled for the day before school starts, after the first month of classes, at the end of the fall semester, halfway through the spring semester, and after the last day of the school year.

Because we are committed to providing an excellent education for all students, our staff also works to continually develop our own growth in intellectual virtues, so that we may model the sort of thinking and learning that creates the desire to always want to know more.

IVA is the first school to be founded on the principles of intellectual character growth, and our calendar reflects our commitment to IVA's mission.

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