Behavior Policies

Behavior Policies:
Student behavior at IVA is based on positive support and involves multiple facets of support that include school staff, teachers, parents, and students. 

At IVA, student behavior support and discipline is as an important opportunity to encourage thinking habits in our students so that they can learn from mistakes and understand appropriate behavior as well as the consequences for our actions. At Orientation, our students will be presented with the Student Handbook, which outlines our community expectations that can be summarized in this idea: everything we do should support thinking and learning. Please note - IVA's focus on learning opportunities should not be mistaken for an unresponsive discipline process. IVA is responsive to individual behavior concerns as well as committed to helping students process the sort of conflicts that are normal at this stage in their lives. When negative behavior crosses the line of safety on campus we utilize our thorough Suspension and Expulsion Policy that is aligned with state and federal expulsion laws.

One element of our discipline process is to hold Restorative Conversations, which are adopted from restorative practices. Please see our handout below to learn more. 

It is our goal to create the most positive, least disruptive learning environment for our students. We serve middle school students and this age brings with it all the complications of growth and development, this is a tough time in the lives of kids. The combination of the age of our students and our role as a public school to serve all students means that we cannot promise an environment free from disruptions but we can commit to minimizing the seriousness and frequency of disruptions caused by student misbehavior through our school's policies. In order to prioritize learning at IVA, we take very seriously any distraction that might stop our students from being provided a positive learning environment. It is a part of our model of education to capitalize as best we can on mistakes, failures, struggles, and other "disruptions" as, potentially, teachable moments.