Board of Directors

Jamie Whitaker Campbell

J.D. Law, Georgetown University Law Center, B.A Humanities, Biola University

Organizational Learning & Development Consultant, Transformation Coach 

Talent Development Program Manager

Educational excellence and innovation is in the fabric of how I was raised and how I seek to be in the world. My parents started an independent private school in Okinawa, Japan when I was in the 6th grade. They used a holistic framework that was grounded on the intrinsic value of each student to create a school where children from a variety of cultural backgrounds could learn and flourish. They were bold and willing to try something different in the face of significant opposition due to their racial and cultural background. But they were successful and that school continues to thrive today. I learned firsthand from them the power of education for connection, generational impact, and community betterment. 

My own professional path in higher education was in an intellectually rich, primary-text based honors program. Students were given the chance to think, to challenge, to engage, to process, to refine ideas. I am in love with that way of learning!

"The values of intellectual invitation, collaboration, and flourishing persuaded me that IVA was an educational organization I would be proud to support."