Week at a Glance

IVA Fall 2020 Week at a Glance :: Week 13 November 30th- December 4th, 2020  

6TH GRADE: Nov30-Dec4_6th_Grade_Week_At_A_Glance_Week_13_1.pdf

7TH GRADE: Nov30-Dec4_7th_Grade_Week_At_A_Glance_Week_13_1.pdf

8TH GRADE: Nov30-Dec4_8th_Grade_Week_At_A_Glance_Week_13.pdf

During School Closure, IVA provides a Week At A Glance document that is intended to help both parents and students. 

 b_342_342_16777215_00_images_WeekataGlanceimage.pngHow to Use the Week at a Glance
The goal of this weekly resource is for families to see assignments, due dates, and projects for each class. These documents are organized by grade level and are intended for students to view on Monday's in the afternoon after they've completed all their independent study for the previous week. While students are working independently on Monday, IVA teachers will be grading, providing feedback, lesson planning, and finalize the upcoming weeks plan to be posted to families in the afternoon on Mondays.

It may be helpful to download the Week At A Glance each week to print for the fridge. Our IVA office is happy to print copies for families - please stop by the office to request one. 



Week 12 November 16th-20th, 2020  

6TH GRADE: Nov16-20_6th_Grade_Week_At_A_Glance_Week_12.pdf

7TH GRADE: Nov16-20_7th_Grade_Week_At_A_Glance_Week_12.pdf

8TH GRADE: Nov16-20_8th_Grade_Week_At_A_Glance_Week_12.pdf

Week 11 November 9th-13th, 2020  

6TH GRADE: Nov9-13_6th_Grade_Week_At_A_Glance_Week_11_.pdf

7TH GRADE: Nov9-13_7th_Grade_Week_At_A_Glance_Week_11.pdf

8TH GRADE: Nov9-13_8th_Grade_Week_At_A_Glance_Week_11.pdf

Week 10 November 2nd-6th, 2020  

6TH GRADE: Nov2-6_6th_Grade_Week_At_A_Glance_Week_10.pdf

7TH GRADE: Nov2-6_7th_Grade_Week_At_A_Glance_Week_10.pdf

8TH GRADE: Nov2-6_8th_Grade_Week_At_A_Glance_Week_10.pdf

Week 9 October 26th-30th, 2020  

6TH GRADE: Oct26-30_6th_Grade_Week_At_A_Glance_Week_9.pdf

7TH GRADE: Oct26-30_7th_Grade_Week_At_A_Glance_Week_9_1.pdf

8TH GRADE: Oct26-30_8th_Grade_Week_At_A_Glance_Week_9.pdf

Week 8 October 19th-23rd, 2020  

6TH GRADE: Oct19-23_6th_Grade_Week_At_A_Glance_Week_8_1.pdf

7TH GRADE: Oct19-23_7th_Grade_Week_At_A_Glance_Week_8.pdf

8TH GRADE: Oct19-23_8th_Grade_Week_At_A_Glance_Week_8.pdf

Week 7 October 12th-16th, 2020  

6TH GRADE: Oct12-16_6th_Grade_Week_At_A_Glance_Week_7_2.pdf

7TH GRADE: Oct12-16_7th_Grade_Week_At_A_Glance_Week_7.pdf

8TH GRADE: Oct12-16_8th_Grade_Week_At_A_Glance_Week_7_1.pdf

Week 6 October 5th-9th, 2020  

6TH GRADE: 10-5-9_6th_Grade_Week_At_A_Glance_Week_6_1.pdf

7TH GRADE: 10-5-9_7th_Grade_Week_At_A_Glance_Week_6_3.pdf

8TH GRADE: 10-5-9_8th_Grade_Week_At_A_Glance_Week_6_1.pdf

Week 5 September 28th- October 2nd, 2020  

6TH GRADE: 928-102_6th_Grade_Week_At_A_Glance_Week_5.pdf

7TH GRADE: 928-102_7th_Grade_Week_At_A_Glance_Week_5.pdf

8TH GRADE: 928-10-2_8th_Grade_Week_At_A_Glance_Week_5.pdf

Week 4 September 21st-25th, 2020  

6TH GRADE: 921-25_6th_Grade_Week_At_A_Glance_Week_4.pdf

7TH GRADE: 921-25_7th_Grade_Week_At_A_Glance_Week_4.pdf

8TH GRADE: 921-25_8th_Grade_Week_At_A_Glance_Week_4.pdf

Week 3 September 14th-18th, 2020  

6TH GRADE: 914-18_6th_Grade_Week_At_A_Glance_Week_3.pdf

7TH GRADE: 914-18_7th_Grade_Week_At_A_Glance_Week_3.pdf

8TH GRADE: 914-18_8th_Grade_Week_At_A_Glance_Week_3.pdf

Week 2 - September 8th-11th, 2020

 6TH GRADE 98-911_6th_Grade_Week_at_A_Glance_Week_2_.pdf

7TH GRADE Sept8-11_2020_7th_Grade_Week_At_A_Glance_Week_2.pdf

8TH GRADE Sept8-11_2020_8th_Grade_Week_At_A_Glance_Week_2.pdf

Week 1 - September 1st-4th, 2020 

6TH GRADE IVA_6th_Grade_Week_at_a_Glance_Week1.pdf

7TH GRADE IVA_7th_Grade_Week_at_a_Glance_Week1.pdf

8TH GRADE IVA_8th_Grade_Week_at_a_Glance_Week1.pdf