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Virtue Ceremony: 3 mixed grade level groups
Friday, April 21, 2017, 03:00pm - 03:14pm
Join us in celebrating our students virtue practice. This weekly closing ceremony is one of the rituals that mark our communities celebration of struggle, virtue practice, and joy in the challenge of learning. 
Same locations this month!
Labyrinth: Ms. Flower, Mr. Fountain, Ms. Bryant
Rec Center: Ms. Denis, Ms. Campos, Ms. Chen
Front Plaza: Ms. Sindaha, Ms. Gordon

Each week we will post the locations of our students. Please contact the office for help in finding the appropriate ceremony for your child. 


  • Focus on Dress Code (same process applies to use of Cell Phones or Tardies after break or lunch)
  • Currently between 5-7 students are required to change a day - please donate your gently used clothes to the office for students to change into 
    • Staff has had valuable conversations with students to be clear about dress code expectations. Teachers will review the dress code & our policy to create clear expectations:
      • 1st time out of dress code = warning (recorded in the office)
      • 2nd time out of dress code = 2nd warning (recorded in office & email home to parents with dress code and notice that 3rd time will result in loss of next school social activity *free dress day, school dance)
      • 3rd time = loss of school activity
        • continued infractions = any of the following: parent conference, behavior contract, etc. 
  • Only 10 weeks left in the semester - 4 days before spring break. Take advantage of office hours before your break. 
  • Spring Break begins Friday, April 14 through the next Friday, April 21... and then there are only 8 weeks left! Promotion takes place on the last day of school, June 15 after school gets out. 

Upcoming Opportunities!

Student Leader events coming in May and June. Take home a flyer if you are interested and mark your calendars. Any student can apply to be a student leader and attend the training to welcome new students to IVA. Lottery just concluded and 78 students were offered spots with over 100 on the wait-list. We are excited to welcome our new students into our Culture of Thinking community.

Don't miss out on our short order window. Window will open again in August before the next school year starts. Get these new designs at a greatly reduced price!! $10 a piece. Order forms and cash/check due by Thursday!!

General celebrations: 

Teachers share the virtue practice they have seen in classes!