Dress Code, Supplies, & Policies

IVA Families are invited to view the Student Parent Handbook 2015-16, which counts for our 2016-17 school year as well by clicking on the link below for a reference. Next years handbook will be presented at our new Parent Orientation on August 28. For your convenience, we have listed a few of our policies below to help as you prepare for school in the fall. Some of our policies will continue to be reviewed and adjusted with parent and student input through both surveys and committee meetings. Please also see below: 
Intellectual Virtues Academy has adopted the following general guidelines in order to enhance student achievement, create a safe learning environment, provide a spirit of school pride, and so that the school can operate free from distraction, hazard, or threat to students' health, safety, and general welfare. Beginning in September 2016, IVA tracks student infractions in three areas: being out of dress code, use of cell phone on campus, and tardies to class during the school day. We have three steps to address these infractions: 1) warning: student will change out or have cell phone held in the office 2) email home about the policy and notice of second infraction: parent pick up the cell phone after school 3) email home about third infraction, which may result in any of the following: loss of school activity, behavior contract, parent conference. We appreciate all dress code donations to provide students with dress code appropriate clothing. IVA also connects families in need with additional community resources. Please contact the office to learn more. 
dresscode7.27.16.pngDress Code at other school events: 
Required dress for any school event is in line with our regular dress code and requires a level of attire to fit the occasion. For events such as dances and promotion, please see below for general and more specific guidance. Please check with the office for further clarification. 

Example: Promotion Dress: Casual, comfortable dress attire that falls within the school dress code. The 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony event is intended to be a semi-formal event that requires a level of attire that fits the occasion.
  • Ladies: Fingertip length skirt or dress, blouse/formal top (shoulders covered), dress pants, dress shoes (comfortable/easy to walk in, no greater than 2" heels).
  • Gentlemen: Dress pants (nicer than jeans), long-sleeve button up shirt, dress shoes.
IVA's PTSA offers open spirit wear windows twice annually around the fall and spring for both t-shirt and sweatshirt orders.
 School Supplies:
  • Dry erase pen (always have at least one that is working)
  • Pencils, ballpoint pens (black or blue ink), pink eraser, pencil sharpener (hand-held with a top)
  • Loose-leaf notebook paper (college ruled), one 1.5”-2” three-ring binder, tabbed binder dividers
  • College ruled composition notebooks for each of your 4 core subjects (math, science, English, social studies)
  • One binder with a divider for each of the students' classes
  • Tech supplies:
    • personal earbuds
    • stylus for writing on iPads

IVA students receive a locker on the first day of school and can hold their PE clothes, extra dress clothes, and supplies in their locker. *In the past our PTSA has provided planners but in the 2016-17 school year survey of students and parents only 30% of families found it useful, especially since most of our tracking of assignments happens online. Therefore, to save funds we will not be providing planners for students but we encourage families to pick up a planner if you plan on using it during the summertime back to school sales. 

Behavior Policies:

Student behavior at IVA is based on positive support and involves multiple facets of support that include school staff, teachers, parents, and students. At IVA, student discipline is as an important opportunity to encourage thinking habits in our students so that they can learn from mistakes and understand appropriate behavior as well as the consequences for our actions. At Orientation, our students will be presented with the Student Handbook, which outlines our community expectations that can be summarized in this idea: everything we do should support thinking and learning. But - don't mistake learning opportunities for an unresponsive discipline process. We are responsive to individual behavior concerns as well as committed to helping students process the sort of conflicts that are normal at this stage in their lives. When discipline crosses the line of safety on campus we utilize our thorough Suspension and Expulsion Policy that is aligned with state and federal expulsion laws.

One element of our discipline process is to hold Restorative Conversations, which are adopted from restorative practices. Please see our handout below to learn more. 

It is our goal to create the most positive, least disruptive learning environment for our students. We serve middle school students and this age brings with it all the complications of growth and development, this is a tough time in the lives of kids. The combination of the age of our students and our role as a public school to serve all students means that we cannot promise an environment free from disruptions but we can commit to minimizing the seriousness and frequency of disruptions caused by student misbehavior through our school's policies. In order to prioritize learning at IVA, we take very seriously any distraction that might stop our students from being provided a positive learning environment. It is a part of our model of education to capitalize as best we can on mistakes, failures, struggles, and other "disruptions" as, potentially, teachable moments. 




Schedule of Classes:

Students will receive their schedule of classes on the first day of school. The day before school begins you may view your schedule by logging into your Illuminate account at ivalongbeach.illuminatehc.com.