Patrick Lenertz

b_350_402_16777215_00_images_bioimages_Screen_Shot_2020-02-20_at_110900_AM.pngInstructional Aide

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Patrick was born and raised in Minnesota, and comes to IVA with a musical background and an intellectual thirst for social science, the human mind, humanities and philosophy. Patrick holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Performance from the University of Minnesota and a Master of Music Degree, from the Bob Cole Conservatory at CSULB. He has spent the past ten years as a professional musician and music educator. Patrick has a continuous desire to learn and educate, which was illuminated during his experience as a private music instructor. Patrick enjoys spending time in nature via hiking, camping and backpacking.

"To me, true education is about learning and character-building in addition to test scores and analytics. IVA's mission to instill in it's students a foundation of how to learn and be a productive learner, as well as the importance of the processes of learning via it's nine master virtues, is a thoughtful, pragmatic, and creative approach to education. As an educator, it's difficult not to get excited about working with a school program that values education and growth while still following today's educational standards. We are all perpetual students of life; the wisdom students will gain as a result of IVA's mission can be utilized throughout their entire lives."